The ENGCO Group, consists of six companies: ENGCO, Lda (ELDA), holding, founded in Mozambique in 2001; ENGCO Investimentos, Lda (EI) founded in 2001; PIERLITE Mozambique, Lda (PML) founded in 2002; ENGCO Eléctrica, Lda (EE) founded in 2004; FLEETCO, Lda (FLT) founded in 2010, and ENGCO Engineering Services (PTY) Ltd (EES) in 2016.

All Engco Group companies comply with Mozambican law and are certified to ISO 9001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007.

ENGCO Limitada (ELDA), the holding company, manages GROUP companies by offering shared, integrated services that enable companies to design solutions that outperform the competition in technical, operational and financial terms, offering unique customer value. This experience of more than a decade has enabled ELDA to extend service delivery to businesses in the Mozambican market.

ENGCO Limitada’s services can be summarized in:

Two of the Group companies, ENGCO Eléctrica, Lda (EE) in Mozambique and its subsidiary ENGCO Engineering Services (EES), established in South Africa, provide specialized services in engineering, energy, energy efficiency and renewable energy. ENGCO Eléctrica is recognized for the successful design and implementation of large infrastructure and industrial projects in Mozambique.

ENGCO Investimentos (EI) focuses on the sale, import and export of various equipment and installation of high-quality electrical equipment, instrumentation, automation, electro-pneumatic and hydraulic equipment. In trading specialty products, EI represents global brands.

Pierlite Moçambique, Lda (PML) specializes in lighting products and projects. Sale, import and export of various high quality electrical equipment from global brands.

Fleetco, Lda (FLT) is specialized in car rental and fleet management of clients offering long- and short-term rental services for the corporate segment.

Engco Group is aware of the “local content”.



+15 Years in the market


+100 Workers


+1500 Completed projects


75% Satisfied Customers