Engco Group

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The ENGCO Group today consists of 6 companies. ENGCO Limitada (ELDA), holding company was founded in 2001, and in the same year ENGCO Investimentos, Lda (EI). In 2002, Pierlite Moçambique, Lda (PML) is launched, and in 2004, ENGCO Eléctrica, Lda (EE), known for its well-designed design and implementation, is founded. of large electrical infrastructure and industrial projects in Mozambique.

In 2010 FLEETCO, Lda (FLT), started its activities in the field of short and long-term car rental.

In 2016, materializing its regionalization strategy, Atomuval. was founded in South Africa.

The ENGCO Group currently operates with just over 100 employees.


What we do

  • 1

    ENGCO Limitada (ELDA)

    Support services to Group Companies and administrative and financial services for medium-sized companies in the Mozambican market.

  • 2

    Engco Eléctrica Lda (EE)

    Electrical engineering, electrical infrastructure, including street lighting, engineering, procurement & construction services.


  • 3

    Fleetco Lda (FLT)

    Long and short term car rental, fleet management solutions

  • 4

    Engco Investimentos Lda (EI)

    Trade and import of specialised electrical equipment

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    Pierlite Moçambique Lda (PML)

    Manufacture of electrical products and lamps

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    Official Haval Dealership